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Blah blah blah!  What do we say here on our home page to convince you to love us, buy all your gear with us and travel with us?   Everyone uses the most flowery language to entice customers.  Heck with that.  We're different, very different! 

Coral Key is a bad ass dive shop. You will know it when you walk in the door.  The dream is to dive, the business makes that happen!  

Need Lessons
? We won't just get you through the course, we will TEACH you to dive as if your life depended on it. (Because it does).

Want Gear? We test it all and won't carry the junk. We don't cater to the manufacturers to sell what they want to get rid of. We won't sell it if we wouldn't use it.  

Prices? You tell us. We think they're awesome. We get it, the internet is great to shop on, and it shouldn't hurt you to buy something you want from a local shop.  No need to buy on the internet cause we'll match or beat any price. 

Travel?  Come on! Lets go play!  We make it affordable, Promise. We make very little profit on our trips so you have more left in your pocket (to buy gear). And you can dive more often. Group trips or your individual itinerary, we can set it up. Hey, if it isn't the best trip for the money, you won't go. So we will make sure the trips are awesome.

Give us a try and you won't go back to normal!

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